Location: Qeshm, Iran
Date: 2018
Medium: Kodak Portra 400

During the searing summer heat in Qeshm Island, the village
of Salakh is overcome by the celebrations of the annual Nowruz Sayadeen (the Fisherman’s New Year). On this day all fishing– a symbol of the village’s livelihood – comes to a standstill out respect to nature’s bounty. In the midst of the celebrations an array of characters’ push through the crowd, teasing and frightening anyone in their path.

The only make-believe characters, the Shushis, toys with the crowd the most. The palm leaves brandished on each of their hands are used in dance, and the long woven reed hat on their heads guarantees they never get lost in the crowd.
The other characters include; the shtoor (camel), asb (horse), rooba (bird), and the booye saroom (pastor’s son).

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© Huda Abdulmughni