Location: Ta’az.Yemen
Date: 2012
Medium: Digital

In December of 2012, I had the honour of attending a collective wedding in Ta'az, Yemen. I took photographs of the 39 groomsmen in their traditional attire on one of the most important day of their young lives. Being present to witness the different emotions that each one them carried in their facial expressions and body language as each one stood in for his portrait, inspired me to find out more about their lives and their future. I had planned on visiting them ten years after the day to see how their lives would evolve. However, the civil war has tragically cut short some the men’s lives and crushed every last dream.

I was able to reach only 12 of the men via Whatsapp. I found out that two of the men had lost their lives as a result of the violent war. Two other of the newlyweds had lost their children due to limited access to medical support as a circumstance of the instability. This collection of photographs is a testament to the men’s lives and their unrealised potentials - a reminder of the irreparable and indiscriminate destruction that the “forgotten war” has done- and continues to do- to the people in Yemen.

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© Huda Abdulmughni