Location: Mumbai,India
Date: 2015
Medium: Kodak Portra 400

During my holiday in Mumbai, I found myself strolling down Marine Drive at sunset, surrounded by the bustle of the city dwellers escaping the chaos of the city for the calm of the sea. The three kilometre boulevard which stretched along the coast was packed with pedestrians of all sorts: families, couples of every variety, children and street vendors, all mingling together in a vibrant tapestry of culture and sound. The residents of Mumbai mingled with the tourists, who had travelled to Mumbai from different parts of India specifically to spend a leisurely time at the bay. The next day I returned to explore the boulevard further. I wanted to create a makeshift portrait studio on the boulevard, with the intention of photographing the many couples I had seen roaming the shore. I brought along my Rolleiflex, a couple of rolls of Kodak 160 Portra film, and a white bed sheet which would serve as my backdrop. Most couples were camera shy, but they eventually agreed to be photographed enjoying my unusual set up, and attention. I had expected that most of the couples would unmarried, and might utilise the boulevard as a romantic hideaway; as it was a welcoming and open atmosphere; where couples would easily disappear into the crowds unnoticed. Instead, I was surprised to find, after conversing with them, that most of the couples I photographed were either newly engaged or had been married a long time.

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© Huda Abdulmughni