Location: London,UK
Date: 2014
Medium: Agfa film 200 (expired 2003)

When I was a young child in the seventies, my family and I used to spend our summer holidays in a rented apartment in London. During our stay, my mother used take us with her to the local launderette to do our laundry, as we didn't have a washing machine at home. I vividly remember those afternoons spent at the launderette as a child, being intrigued by the sounds, smells, chattering people and their piles of laundry. The launderette was not only providing a practical service to society, it was the social hub for the local community, allowing people to converse and mingle as they performed the mundane task of laundry. Launderettes are a less common sight these days as it has become more convenient and affordable for people to purchase washing machines for their homes. However, there are still a few surviving launderettes which I find have an incredibly nostalgic air about them, taking me back to those summers spent as child with my mother. As such, I decided to use an expired Agfa film 200 (expired 2003) to take my photographs, giving my composition a more retro look and feel that is reflective of my childhood experiences.


© Huda Abdulmughni